What Is Waring Pro MG100 Meat Grinder and How Does It Work?


I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that you appreciate a good burger, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

And if you are missing out on delicious home-made burgers just because the prospect of preparing them seems too scary, lengthy or tedious, it might be time to consider investing in a meat grinder.

A good quality meat grinder will not only save you hours of unnecessary effort in the kitchen but also make you less dependent on store bought processed meat full of chemicals and cheap fillers. Waring, a global leader in producing premium kitchen electronics, has launched the Waring MG100 Meat Grinder recently. If you’re on the hunt for a good quality meat grinder, this product might be it. From hosting spectacular BBQ parties to giving your kids their desired meals, you can do it all when you have the Waring Meat Grinder by your side.

Waring MG100 Meat Grinder Reviews: 8 Reasons to buy

Due to the presence of the following features, product might be the perfect choice for your household.

#1. Cutting plates of different sizes

The appliance comes with three different cutting plates for fine, medium and coarse grinding of meat. You can use the appliance for different purposes, as per your needs, for example, to grind chicken, beef, pork, veal, deer meat, vegetables, baby food as well as cat food.

 #2. 2 types of sausage attachments

You won’t need to spend money on separate sausage stuffers as the Waring MG100 Meat Grinder comes with its very own sausage attachments. You just might develop a new interest in sausage making with this machine in hand.

#3. Space saving design

The product has been made chiefly for non commercial users. Since most households do not have a lot of free space to spare, the product has an attractive and smart design which will not take up a huge chunk of your kitchen.

Waring MG100 Meat Grinder


#4. Affordable

Again, considering the needs of an average household, the price of this appliance has been kept reasonable and it surely won’t put a dent in your pocket.

#5. Needs little manual help

A common problem with most grinders on the market is that the meat tends to get stuck and needs to be pushed down the stuffer manually. This appliance, however, requires very little external help. Just tapping the meat with the pusher every once in a while would suffice.

#6. Comes with a reverse function

Because of the addition of this important feature, the machine is virtually clog-free! Meat particles might back up sometimes into the opening of the appliance and stop it from working. At this time, using the “reverse” feature would cause the blades to turn in the opposite directions, basically freeing the clogged up food particles.

#7. Easy to operate

The operating process is really simple and easy to follow. Since the machine comes with various detachable parts, there is a need to assemble first and this step needs the most effort. After assembling, you simply need to turn the machine ON/OFF, which are clearly marked.

#8. Durable

The appliance is run by a powerful 150 watt motor which can provide service for a long time. Besides, it has a brushed stainless casing and the hopper is made of die-cast metal which means if handled with proper care this machine just might serve you a long time.


In spite of several admirable features, you, as a user, might face a few problems while using this machine. Thus before purchasing this you must consider whether the following issues are a deal breaker for you.

#1. Plastic gears

Although the appliance comes in a stainless external casing, the internal gears are made of plastic. As such, the overall performance of the appliance is affected, since a model with metal gears provides superior results.

#2. Prone to rusting

A major problem with this appliance is that the users found it to be very easily prone to rusting. The metal parts turn grey or black quickly once these come in contact with moisture and are not properly cleaned. All detachable parts need to be thoroughly cleaned, oiled and then stored in plastic bags after using to prevent them from rusting away.

#3. Cannot grind bones

Although the machine is pretty good at grinding meat and other soft food ingredients, its motor is not powerful enough to grind hard food such as bones. In some cases, it has been reported that the meat needed to be mede fat and tendon free before grinding. Otherwise, the machine can get jammed.

#4. Not dishwasher safe

There are clear instructions to not place the accessories in the dishwasher as these are prone to discoloration. Raw meat is difficult to work with since anything it comes in contact with must be cleaned rigorously otherwise it might get contaminated with bacteria. As a result, not being able to use the dishwasher can prove to be a hassle to many users with busy schedules.

#5. Unclear instructions

Many unsatisfied customers have claimed that the fault was not with the machine rather it was with the instructions that came with the manual. Instructions on assembling the appliance given by the company were unclear and even incorrect to some extent which posed as a great difficulty for first time users.

Technical features of Waring MG100 Meat Grinder

  • Weighs 8 pounds
  • 16.5 x 9.5 x 8.7 inches (H x W x D) dimensions
  • 150 watt motor
  • Accessories included with the machine:
  • Three (3) cutting plates
  • Two (2) sausage attachments
  • One (1) food pusher
  • One (1) recipe booklet
  • Color: Silver and Black

The Final Verdict

The Waring Meat Grinder has quite a mixed review from its customers. Many believe that the product does what it needs to do and are quite satisfied with their purchase. However, there are also a few who got disappointed with the machine’s poor quality and faulty manufacturing. Based on customer feedback as well as our experience, We can conclude that the Waring Pro MG100 Meat Grinder will be suitable for home cooks looking for small but efficient meat grinders at a reasonable price.

On the other hand, if you require a heavy duty, industrial grade grinder, you might need to increase your budget and look into other models since this particular one will fail to cater to your needs. I wouldn’t give the product the best recommendation but it is evidently a worthwhile investment, considering the service you receive at the price.

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