West Bend Classic Electric Percolator Reviews

West Bend Classic Electric Percolator

Bored of drip coffee maker and its weak strength coffee? Probably you are searching for an electric percolator that keeps the strength of your coffee as well as portrays the retro look. Your search ends here, because this West Bend Classic Electric Percolator is the percolator you have been looking for. It not only has stainless steel body but also has classic design along with some amazing features. It makes coffee in the old perking process by continuously cycling the water. Brews up your coffee real fast and can make up to 12 cup of coffee within just a few minutes. Gives your coffee an aroma that enhances the taste lot more than any other coffee making process. One of the attractive feature that this percolator gives is that you need not to use any filter paper.

A cup of great tasting strong coffee can bring you to life early in the morning when you feel you don’t have to wake up or even work. So to make that happen you definitely need a strong cup of coffee. That strong cup of coffee with great taste and aroma can only be made by a percolator by the vintage style. Percolator brings out the necessary oils deep inside the coffee grounds which makes the coffee taste so good that it just boost up your body and soul. West bend 54159 percolator does that percolating job very efficiently. It boils the water to a higher temperature so that the oils are extracted and amazing coffee flavor is produced. The steam of that flavorful coffee makes you nostalgic and gives you the pleasure that all coffee lovers want while percolating the coffee. This west bend 12 cup percolator reviews will show you the thoughts of customers about this particular product so that you can make your choice of buying the product or not.

West Bend Classic Electric Percolator Reviews

Sleek, stylish stainless steel body

Its stainless steel body gives this west band percolator a retro look along with durability. Its well-structured body enhances its performance and outlook both at the same time. It perfectly fits into your modern setting kitchen and also increases its beauty.

Besides, it gives a look to your kitchen like that of coffee shops or posh hotels. Stainless polished body makes it easier to clean it without any hassle and to use it efficiently.

As because it has a smooth stainless finishing, you will get comfort while cleaning it. The base of the percolator can be just wiped for cleaning. There is no need to put it in the dishwasher. The other west bend percolator parts can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning.

So a great deal of time can be saved while cleaning it too. However, you can get the cleaning instruction in west bend percolator instructions booklet.

Makes 12 cup of coffee

Usually, it takes more time for a percolator to make coffee for a large number of people. Making more cups of coffee takes huge time and effort when one is using the old process. But by using this coffee percolator one can easily make up to 12 cups of coffee which takes the same time for making one cup of coffee.

It brews up the coffee quickly because it continuously cycles the water through the coffee grounds. Thus within a very short time, the break time coffee for your family members or office colleagues are ready to be served. No need to spend extra effort and time as you can make huge amount of coffee just by pressing the switch of the percolator.  

Gives perfect strength to your coffee

This percolator makes your coffee by using old percolating process. It squeezes out the essential oils inside the coffee beans which fills your cup with great tasting coffee you ever had. These essential oils give your cup of coffee with great aroma along with strong taste.

This oil extraction is done by the old method of percolating through repeated cycling of hot water through the coffee beans. While sipping the coffee, you can certainly get nostalgic and will ultimately fell in love with this percolator.

Keeps the coffee at optimal temperature  

One of the great feature of this percolator is that, it has a built-in process that automatically switches to warm mode when the percolating process is done. It keeps the coffee warm for a long time and does not overheat the grounds which may result in bitter taste of the coffee.

It has a fixed time after which it stops the percolating process and switches to warm mode. So you get the same hot coffee after some time of indication too.

Some of west bend 54159 percolator parts and its necessity

One great feature which is included in west bend percolator is that, it has an indicator light that lights up when your coffee is ready to be served. This signal thus informs you to serve the coffee when it is in perfect temperature and ready for serving with snacks or breakfast.

It also has a floating level indicator that is present at the back of its handle which shows the level of coffee inside the pot. The measurement of water needed can be easily done by that marking. So it becomes easier for you to know how much water you need to put for making the required amount of coffee.

It has a handle that stays cool which makes sure that you don’t get hurt or bruise while serving the hot coffee. It eases the way of serving. Besides, it also has a base that is made up of heat resistant material which ensures safe use.

It also has a removable power cord that can be wrapped and kept in small place along with the percolator. This also benefits in easy storage of the percolator as well as easy serving to bed or tea table also.

Other than these, it has drip free spout that prevents spilling of coffee on your favorite tablecloth or bed sheet and even prevents hurting yourself with hot coffee too.

West Bend Classic Electric Percolator

Features and specifications

  • Uses old percolating process to make coffee
  • Uses electricity to make faster coffee
  • Stylish design with great outlook
  • Makes rich, strong, flavorful cup of coffee
  • Floating level indicator ensures the correct measurement of water
  • Makes up to 12 cup of coffee within just a few minutes of same taste and texture
  • Drip free spout for easy serving along with safety
  • Smooth stainless steel body that helps in easy cleaning and last long
  • Does not get dirty easily can be cleaned without any hassle
  • Detachable cord makes it easier to store and keep in compact places
  • Heat resistant handle ensure easy serving
  • Cool bottom prevents accidents and ensures safe serving
  • Its detachable cord makes it easier to keep countertop tidy
  • Optimal temperature is maintained by automatic warm mode
  • Indicator light for indicating that coffee is ready

My point of view as a customer

Among many other percolators, there are good number of reasons why to choose this percolator. This percolator has most of the combination of good features than other percolators present in market now a days. First of all, it makes a rich, strong, flavorful cup of coffee in the old percolating process just by replacing stove top percolators with electric one.

It has indicator light for indicating that coffee is ready to be served and after that signal it automatically switches to warm mode. The automatic warm mode keeps the coffee hot long enough so that you can enjoy same hot coffee in the 2nd and 3rd cup also. Moreover, it has a floating level indicator that indicates the level of coffee inside the pot. This feature helps you to measure the coffee without opening the lid again and again.

A heat resistant handle for easy serving along with cool base for safer serving. A detachable cord for easier storage and stainless steel body for long lasting pot and easy cleaning. All these features come in one percolator, which is in West bend classic electric coffee percolator.

Most of the products has some features that they lag or might come out as faulty. West bend percolator also has some of the negative points those are not appreciated by the customers as well. For example, it has a short power cord that sometimes makes problem while moving or serving.

Every time, you need to detach the cord and then serve far away from the powerpoint. Other than this, it doesn’t have any settings options for brewing strength. So every time you get the same strength of coffee. Sometimes if you wish to make a weaker coffee, it is not possible in this percolator. Stainless steel is used in this percolator but there is no chrome finish. So comparing to other shining materials only stainless steel becomes dull.

Final verdicts

West bend coffee percolator is one of the best percolators, because it combines some unique features that other percolators might lack in. It blends the mixture of old coffee making style along with the modern technologies.

So making a large amount of coffee is possible with a faster method. I would certainly recommend this percolator to those who loves great coffee with great style.

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